HTML Links - Lesson 7

At this lesson we will talk about HTML links and it's attributes.

As you know HTML links are writting with <a> tag and inside that href="" attribute.

Structure is next <a href="link"> HTML Tutorial </a>

href attribute defines destination of the link.

Also there are local links at this case in the href attribute we write name of the file which is in our system.

<a href="second_file.html"> Local File </a>

If file is on your desktop you can simpely write name. If not you should give it path from the folder


For <a> tag there is another attribute target. target need value

<a href="link" target="_blank"> Link </a>

_blank- opens link in new window(we use only this value)

_self - for <a> tag it's default value and it's open link in the same window.

You can link headings paragraphs and every text or image tags by link tag

<a href="link"><h1>Some text</h1></a>