HTML Introduction - Lesson 1

Hello, at this lesson we are going to talk about what is HTML, for what you need it and what kind of structure it has.

HTML definition - Hyper Text Markup Language.

HTML is the programing language, by using it you can create any complex website.

Elements of HTML are written by tags.


Tags below defines main structure of website.

<!DOCTYPE html> defines type of the file for HTML.

<html> is main tag.

<head> contains description of the document.

<title> here you can write name of your website.

<body> contains whole content which we can see on our screens.

<h1> largest heading.

<p> pharagraph.


To create HTMl file we advise you to use  the Notepad ++, which is the most simple editor.

To download the Notepad++ follow the link:

Note!!! If you want your HTML file to work choose Save as Type (html) in your Notepad ++