HTML Basic - Lesson 2

At this lesson we talk about starting tags which we will use for HTML, how we create little structure and what we need for this.

First of all let's explain what is tag and how we write it:

<html> - this is a tag, we write <> symbols and inside it we write code word.

Mainly tags are written like this.

<html> SOME CODE INSIDE </html>

SO when we open this is openning tag <html> and this is closeing tag <> symbol and / symbol </html>.

When we open the tag we must close it, otherwise HTML woun't get what we write and we will get all bunch of code on our screen.

There are some tag that does not need additional command to close as they close by themselves

<br />

Now let's talks about description of tags and define the code.

<!DOCTYPE html> - stands always at the beggining of the code and gives the structure to our file

<html> </html> The beginning of coding

<head> </head> shows the description of the document

<title> </title> title of the web page

<body> </body> contains all the details which would be shown on web page

<h1> </h1> the larges heading,contains text.

We can write headings from <h1>-the largest one. to <h6>-the smallest one. But we only use following headings <h1>, <h2>, <h3>. Because later we will learn CSS and we simply style our headings at the size and etc.

<p> </p> - paragraph.

<br/> this is line break. It's emty tag, nothing is written inside, also it closes by itself. we use it at the beginning of the text

You can see the result of this coding and how it will be shown on our screens.