HTML Attribute - Lesson 3

At this lesson we will shortly talk about the attributes and how to use them.

<img src="something.jpg"/> (This is tag for picture, we will talk about it in details later)

<img/> this is tag for picture, as we see here it closes himself, but we cann't use it withoud attribute.

attribute is src="" src-means source, it tells HTML file from where to take the picture. also we need this symbols "" to write inside the directory, or name of our picture.


Also there are another attributes like href="" value="" and etc. we will need attributes future and at the same time we define them. let's define one more attribute which is href=""

<a href="link"> Link Name</a> (we will talk more about this later)

<a> </a> t's link tag. and like <img/> tag it cann't work without attribute.